Dear Valued Customer,

With the impending implementation of e-tolling, Travel South Africa would like to reassure our valued customers that our company is prepared with an automated and transparent billing solution.

We have invested in complex development of our billing system to ensure that it is integrated with SANRAL’s. This development will ensure that the renter is only billed for those tolls that are relevant to their rental. The renter will be billed as per the gazetted gantry fees and an administration fee may be applicable. Dependent on the delays from SANRAL system the renter will be billed either on their original invoice or on a sundry invoice once all tolls have been received from SANRAL.

Should you require any further information please contact your sales representative or our call centre on : +27 (0)86 199 7788


What is the T2SA opinion on e-tags?

As a car rental company, we are legally obliged to comply with SANRAL requirements and have therefore tagged all our vehicles to monitor use and to make sure clients receive the correct billing.

How will I be billed for e–tolls?

Renters will be billed according to the Standard Government Gazetted Tariff for registered e–tag users. We would like to reassure our customers that the billing process and the charges levied will be automated and transparent and as we become better acquainted with the impact of e-tolling on our business and systems, our pricing policy may undergo review.

Can I replace a T2SA e-tag with my own personal e-tag?

No, each e- tag is linked with a specific vehicle registration number. Therefore an individual cannot register a T2SA e-tag against their personal vehicle. If an e tag is lost or stolen a fee of R600 will be charged and the e-tag will be blacklisted with SANRAL.

Will there be in an increase in a deposit fee when renting a vehicle?

Yes, we will be increasing our deposit amount by R450.00 for all credit card and debit card payments. This is due to fact that there needs to be sufficient funds to cover toll charges incurred by our customers.

Will e-tolling cause a delay in deposit refunds?

Yes, this is due to the fact that there is a 48 hour delay with SANRAL’S billing and query system.

Will I be charged for Chauffeur Drive & Transfers?

No, no levies or deposits will be charged for Chauffeur Drive & Transfers regarding e tolls.

Does T2SA make any money from e-tags?

No. The standard tariff, which is higher than the tariff paid by registered e-tag users, is being charged to enable us to recover the costs of the system development and also the resources which will be necessary to manage e-toll compliance. Customers are advised that outside of the GFIP network they will continue to pay at the various toll plazas.

Are the tolls capped at R450?

The R450 cap is for the GFIP freeways only in line with the SANRAL concession. Please note the R450 capped rate excludes N1 or other tolls, such as Bakwena.

Will there be an administration fee?

We will not be charging an admin fee to our customers.

Please familiarise yourself with the following to ensure your rental in Gauteng is hassle free:

Your rental:

  • Make sure there is an e-tag in your vehicle.
  • If there is no tag in the vehicle or your tag does not “beep” when driving through the gantries please contact us immediately on 086 199 7788 to ensure a replacement device is arranged for the vehicle.
  • The e-tags must not be removed, there will be a charge of R600 for stolen e-tags

If you have any other queries or concerns please feel free to contact our call centre on +27 (0)86 199 7788